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August 15, 2024

Common Questions from Destination Wedding Guests

Dear Wedding Guests,

We are happy you're here! The couple is planning an incredible experience for you as they celebrate their marriage. All specific details regarding booking a room and travel are thoroughly explained on the couple's website. Please take a few minutes to read through everything we've provided for you. Below is a general overview of Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, please reach out to your Group Manager. We'd be happy to chat with you!

Thank you!

​The RTG Team

Check the wedding website. Often times, room rates are posted there. If not, just submit a quote request. To do an accurate quote, we need to know how many people are sharing your room, and how many nights you are staying. For guests, attending a destination wedding can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 depending on the destination, departure city and length of stay. This cost estimate includes flights, room and food and drinks for typically 3 nights/4 days.

Q: How do I know what my grand total will be?
A: We include room prices on the couple's website. Usually (not always) prices are "per person, per night." You'll need to decide what room category and how many nights to determine what your grand total will be. We do not have a "cart" system to total it up for you since there are so many variables. But, the rates are easy to calculate if you follow the example we have on the couple's website.

There are a few different kinds of insurance policies that are available to wedding groups. The couple's website will outline the insurance that is available for their group. Cancel Insurance usually allows you to cancel up to the day before your trip and get either a full or partial refund, but offers no during travel protection. Cancel insurance must be purchased at the time of deposit only. Travel Insurance policies usually have during travel coverage, but only allow you to cancel and get a refund for covered reasons by filing a claim.

Flights are usually not included with the room block. If we did group air, all guests would need to be on the same plane, and we know that is nearly impossible! So, we leave flights off so guests can book what they prefer, and even use points, miles, or credits.

​Usually the best time to book a flight is 5-6 months prior to travel when all airlines have their schedules available. We recommend using Google Flights to research fares or set up fare alerts, but then book directly with the airline you're flying with. Fares are the same everywhere, but you'll get much better service working with the airline instead of sites like Orbitz or Expedia. Remember to also check as their flights only show up on their own website.

​Tip! Before booking your flight, make sure that your room reservation and dates have been confirmed. Then double check that both your room dates and your flight dates match!

Wedding groups often have several deadlines. We publish all the deadlines on the couple's website, and share them on your invoice and in emails. We also send out email reminders as a deadline is approaching.

Book By: This is the date that we need all guests to book a room and make a deposit by. This let's the couple know you are attending.
Final Payment: This is the date the your room needs to be paid in full by.
Airport Transfers: This is the date we need to your details by so we can confirm this service for you.

We understand, and so does the couple. Not everyone will be able to attend the wedding, and that's ok. Please just let the couple know.

You'll want to bring a bundle of 1's and 5's with for tipping around the resort. Gratuities are technically included with your travel package, but based on our travel experience, you'll want to tip something to the bartenders and waiters taking care of you. Be prepared by bringing small bills with so you have them if you choose to tip. The shuttle driver is not a hotel employee and will expect a tip, as will the airport employees. Tours, excursions and spa treatments are not included. You can pay with cash or credit card for these at the hotel. Again, US cash for tips is fine. Insurance is not included, but it is optional when booking your trip. All liquor is usually included unless you order a full bottle of a specific liquor. ​

The couple chose a destination wedding because they want to spend quality time with the people in their lives that mean the most to them. Because of this desire, all guests are expected to book into the couple's room block and stay at the resort along with them and the rest of the group. That said, there are rare circumstances when a guest just cannot stay at the wedding resort. Guests staying at a different resort are called "outside guests." Some resorts do not allow outside guests. All resort charge around $100 - $200 per person for outside guests to enter the resort for the wedding events only (strict entry and departure times are followed.) All resort who allow outside guests set a limit. Before you book, check with the couple to see if you would be allowed to attend the wedding events.

We work hard on getting you the best price. If you see a less expensive price for the exact package - dates, taxes, insurance, transfers, etc - give us the opportunity to see if we can get the same price. Usually online prices are lacking something, like transfers or taxes. Please let us know which website you are looking at, and send us a screenshot of the flights, hotel room, and dates so we can recreate it. Our goal is to have EVERYONE book into the couple's room block so they fulfill their contract and earn the most wedding amenities. Pricematched rooms cannot be booked into the room block.

Q: I found the trip for $200 less on Expedia. Will you match it?
A: We can try. We'll need a screenshot that shows us the website URL, travel dates, room category, resort name and number of guests/ages of children. We need to be able to recreate the price you see to submit it for price match. Pricematched rooms are not booked into the couple's wedding block and do not count towards their wedding group amenities. And, keep in mind, many resorts will add an attendance fee either to you or the couple for guests who do not book within the room block. Attendance fees are often about $100 per person. Usually a price appears less online because transfers and/or taxes and/or meals are not included. We'd be happy to take a look for you, though.

Since it will be warm, dress cool. For men, khaki slacks, linen shirts, and nice sandals are all appropriate. You will see very few suits and even fewer ties. Ladies, find a nice sundress or capris with sandals. Unless otherwise noted by the couple, destination weddings are a little more casual than traditional weddings, but if you're unsure, ask the couple. Sometimes couples have planned special dress codes, such as “all white,” so the last thing you want to do is arrive at the hotel with the wrong outfit.

Since you're attending a destination wedding, you don't have to bring a wedding gift. Some couples tell the guests that their presence is gift enough but a card is still a nice touch in these cases. Check with us about adding a tour or a room upgrade as a gift from you. This can often easily be done. If you still want to give the couple a monetary or boxed gift, give it to them before the wedding or after you come back.

One key etiquette tip for guests at destination weddings is to avoid involving the couple in travel or room issues. If your name is spelled wrong on your documents or you missed your flight, call US. Likewise, if your room isn’t ready or the view isn’t perfect, don’t complain to the couple or other guests. This just creates a frenzy. There is no need to add extra stress to the couple. If you have a problem, call or email us. Our travel partners have 24/7 help desks. Their phone number is listed on your travel documents. If you have issues with the hotel, we need to solve them while you are there. Very little can be done after you check out. Let us help. Not everything goes as planned, just be flexible and polite.

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